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Huntington Park Essay Samples

Huntington Park Essay SamplesHuntington Park (CA) essay samples from the Beach house on the hill can be used for you when you write about your leisure pursuits. This area is an excellent place to go and visit many of the interesting places found within the area. If you are in search of just about anything to write about or be a part of, this is the place to go. The many reasons that you might want to take an essay examination for a degree program would be limited.The house on the hill is a lovely property with stunning views. You can take a tour of the house with all of the homes that have been built for vacationers and property owners in the area. You can tour the entire place with the exception of the home that you would like to write about and of course all of the other homes in the area. This type of essay study would be a great place to go for anyone.The last area that Huntington Park essay samples are very good at is the pool and tennis courts. This is a great place to spend so me time with your family or with a group of friends. This is a relaxing atmosphere that you can use when you are writing about your leisure pursuits. These are two recreational venues that you can use. You can really use your imagination and the fact that you can write about these activities would make it much easier to come up with some interesting information.Huntington Park essay samples also have a great deal of writing resources that they can use. The swimming pool is a wonderful place to go in the summer months. The swimming pool is usually open all year long and you can use the pool to be a part of some of the activities that you would like to engage in. You can take a swim on a warm day or an afternoon or take a swim on a cool day or during a nighttime swim if you want to. You can use this aspect of the area as a wonderful part of your essay.You can use the tennis courts as well and you can use this to write about some of the ways that you are enjoying yourself at this time. You can take a run on a hot day or take a run on a cool day and you can use this as a recreational place to take part in. You can use the written resources that are at hand for this area as well. You can use a fountain and you can use the available place setting for you. You can write about the great outdoors and how you are enjoying your time there.The resort at Park Boulevard is also another area that Huntington Park essay samples can use. The tennis courts can be used as a place to be together with some of your friends or family members. You can write about some of the activities that you would like to engage in with friends. You can also write about some of the romantic things that you have done with friends and you can use the tennis courts to include those details.The writing resources at hand that Huntington Park essay samples can use to write about their recreational activities are much wider than the swimming pool. The homes that are in the area are great and you can use t hem to give some ideas on what you can write about for your essay.

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Gender Socialization And Social Control - 1508 Words

By and large, gender socialization is a major contributor to identity and self- concept. Gender therefore becomes a characteristic that defines other’s perceptions and evaluations of us. People come to manage gender along with aspects of other aspects of the self by making sure that we are acting in gender-appropriate way (Goffman, 1959, Libby). In itself, the self is a product of social forces and it emerges through socialization. Being that gender is a major function of one’s identity, stereotypes about gender affect the individual’s perception of his or her self. Two elements of the self from Charles Horton Cooley look at the self as emerging through interaction in groups and the self as basis for social control. Through interactions with others, in this case peers, children begin to develop their self-concept and the perceptions that others have on them create the normative expectations . When an individual becomes aware that his or her behaviors are not conf orming to the norms and expectations related to their gender, they become aware of their peers perceptions towards them as either being positive or negative. This in turn can alter the way the individual presents his or her self. According to Carter (2014:257) â€Å"boys and girls learn what behavior means and henceforth attach identity expectations to behaviors† and they become identity standards that are â€Å"strengthened by repeated comparisons between the internalized expectations and subsequent appraisal of behaviors†.Show MoreRelatedSocialization And Social Control Of Adolescents1130 Words   |  5 Pagesand gender play a significant role in organizing society as a whole, and they are all forms of stratification that promote group inequalities in society due to an unequal distribution of social resources and opportunities. These groups are socially defined and treated differently and unequally in the larger society. Now, our goal is to analyze these groups based on their manifestation in socialization and social control of adolescents. First, we will define socialization and social control followedRead MoreCycle of Socialization Essay examples982 Words   |  4 PagesThe cycle of socialization is a process through which social identities are created, and in effect, each individual represents and is affected by their social identity. According to the cycle of socialization, the first stop in the socialization process is outside of one’s control—one is socialized even before they are born. Our social identities are predetermined, and we are born in a world with roles, rules, and assumptions already in place. Our family and role models teach these rules and rolesRead MoreGender Differences Within Social Development1747 Words   |  7 Pagesthe reader of the gender differences through social development. Depending on a child’s gender, things such as gender identity and soc ial acceptance have a great impact in their development. The first thing parents learned about their children before birth is the sex of the baby. This highlights the importance of sex and gender. Sex differences have long been a very important topic in psychology and in understanding why gender differences affect social development. Social learning theory helpsRead MoreEssay on Socialization843 Words   |  4 PagesSocialization Socialization is the process by which culture is learned; also called enculturation. During socialization individuals internalize a cultures social controls, along with values and norms about right and wrong. Socialization is a complex process that involves many individuals, groups, and social institutions. AGENTS OF SOCIALIZATION There are four main agents of socialization family, school, peer groups (friends and collogues), and mass media. The family is the singleRead MoreThe Sociological Framework Of The Social System1064 Words   |  5 PagesEach piece of the framework interacts with and shapes all the other pieces. The components of the framework include: the social system, culture, social structure, socialization, individuals, and interaction. The social system is comprised of social groups that cohere together to make some kind of whole, in this case gender. The social system is directly shaped by culture, social structure and interaction. Culture is a set of knowledge, beliefs, values, and rules about behavior that are held commonlyRead MoreThe Issue Of Gender Roles883 Words   |  4 Pagesis going against all social norms. She has a hobby of doing stuff that are not usually expected from girls. Unfortunately, around the end, she adapts to the social norms which results in her losing interest in her hobbies and she also loses a part of herself. This advertisement relates to several concepts we discussed in class. For example, by telling the young girl not to get her dress dirty or that she is pretty, the parents implement and adopt unintentionally the gender roles imposed by societyRead MoreFacts About Eating Disorders And Gender Socialization846 Words   |  4 PagesFacts About Eating Disorders †¢ What is socialization? Socialization is a process in which we learn and internalize attitudes, values, beliefs, and norms of our culture and develop a sense of self. †¢ Gender Roles Gender Roles are complex clusters of ways males and females are expected to behave †¢ Gender roles Socialization Gender socialization is a process of learning social expectations and attitudes associated with one s sex. Gender socialization is explained with why human males and femalesRead MoreAgents of Socialization Essay 21461 Words   |  6 PagesAgents of Socialization: An agent of socialization is an individual or institution tasked with the replication of the Social Order. An agent of socialization is responsible for transferring the rules, expectations, norms, values, and folkways of a given social order. In advanced capitalist society, the principle agents of socialization include the family, the media, the school system, religious and spiritual institutions, and peer groups. Specific sites or groups carry out socialization. We callRead MoreEssay about The Cycle of Socialization1111 Words   |  5 Pagesbecause of the cycle of socialization. The cycle of socialization can open ones eyes to why our society has specific views of people from other cultures, races, and genders. The cycle of socialization can help us understand the current situation in our society since it is the reason for the existence and continuation of racism, prejudices, stereotypes, and oppression amongst different people. The cycle of socialization has a beginning, andRead MoreThe Sociological World : Functionalism, Conflict Theory, And Symbolic Interactionism978 Words   |  4 Pages(Mills, 1959). There are three main theoretical perspectives in the sociological world: functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism. Functionalist â€Å"see society as a structure of interrelated parts designed to meet the biological and social needs of the individuals in that society† (Keirns et al., 2015, p.15). Conflict theorists see society â€Å"as a competition for limited resources† (Keirns et al., 2015, p. 16), while symbolic interactionist focus on the relationships among individuals

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Gender Inequality Within The United States - 1686 Words

America has advanced socially in regards to sexual equality since the birth of the nation. There have been many advances in society, especially for women despite these advancements, there continues to be inequalities in sexual â€Å"equality† .Why does a wage difference exists between men and women? Are employers being sexist? Sexism has been a problem since the beginning of mankind. Women have struggled to achieve equality with men. The male dominated culture has led the female gender to become the â€Å"weaker sex†. This discrimination, of course, based on the stereotype that women should be stay at home playing the role of the typical house wife. It wasn’t even until the 19th Amendment passed in 1919 that allowed women to vote. Even sex†¦show more content†¦So if this is the problem shouldnt the wage of a male teacher be the same as the one as a female teacher? This is not the case.Male public school teachers earn between 10 to 13 percent more than f emales, on average, and a little more than half of this difference is accounted for by differences in the characteristics of male and female teachers(Gruber,1996).This proves that the reason for the difference in wages is not the fact that women choose low paying jobs but because of the gender difference. Gruber also mentioned that, â€Å" married females receive lower salaries than non married females, while for males, no difference associated with marital status is identified, all else equal.† If the choice of the women really had to do with her pay then why doesn t the male teacher get affected? In this case of both of them being teachers both of them should be getting payed the same amount. As said by Dr. Golding,â€Å"There is a belief, which is just not true, that women are just in bad occupations and if we just put them in better occupations, we would solve the gender gap problem,†(Miller,2014). By saying this she states that the reason there is a difference in wages is not because of the choices in jobs but rather other sexist reasons. This is not fair due to the fact that women are outpacing men in getting college degrees(Glynn, 2012).This

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Course Outline of Production Operation Management (Pom) free essay sample

The primary objective of the course is to provide the students with an understanding of the theories, models, problems, issues, and techniques related to the management of operations both in manufacturing and service sectors. This includes analyses of various tasks performed and decisions made by operation managers, both tactically and strategically. The operations function plays a vital role in achieving a company’s strategic plans. Since the operations function produces the goods and provides the services, it typically involves the greatest portion of the company mployees and is responsible for a large portion of the firm’s capital assets. It has a major impact on quality and is often the visible face of company with which the customer must deal. Customer service, product/service, quality issues, and the effectiveness of many customer interactions are all operations activities. In the face of increased international competition, Pakistani firms have lost market share and have not responded by working to improve both their operating efficiencies and the quality of their goods and services. We will write a custom essay sample on Course Outline of Production Operation Management (Pom) or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page With this renewed emphasis on operations, it has become increasingly important that students have an understanding of operations management and its significance to the success of the companies where they will work. To gain a competitive edge, Pakistani organizations need sound production/operations strategies. This is particularly true today, given the pressures of global competition and the need to satisfy ever more demanding customers. Operations functions appear as a powerful tool for achieving organizational objectives and strategies. Learning Objectives The aim of this course is to provide a clear, well-structured and interesting treatment of Production/Operations Management as it applies to a variety of businesses and organizations. The course is intended to provide both a logical path through the activities of operations management and an understanding of the strategic context in which operations managers’ work. †¢ Strategic in its perspective of operations management’s contribution to the organization’s long-term success. We are unambiguous in treating the operation function as being at the center to most organization’s drive to improve their competitiveness. Conceptual in the way it explains the reasons why operations managers need to take decisions in each activity. Although some quantitative techniques are included, their primary aim is to illustrate the underlying principles of operation decisions. †¢ Comprehensive in its coverage of the significant ideas and issues which are relevant to most types of operations. †¢ Practical in the sense that the issues and difficulties in making operations management decisions in practice are discussed, and generally the treatment of topics reflects actual operations practice. This course is practical also that Case Exercise illustrating the approaches taken by actual companies are used to illustrate operations issues. Attendance Policy As you may all know very well by this time that the University (FUU) adheres to very strict attendance policy (i. e. minimum 75% mandatory attendance). As usual roll will be taken at the beginning of each class meeting. No one will be allowed to enter the classroom five minutes after the class starting time since it cause interruptions in the class activities. Professional conduct is expected throughout the course. Besides this, It is assumed that you have read all the policies and guidelines of the University regarding attendance, academic dishonesty, deadlines and so on and so forth Team Work There will be substantial Team work in this class. This is the need of today’s corporate world, and we have to learn how to pull our right slack while working in teams. Instructor as well as fellow team members, at end of the course, will evaluate each team member. Part of the grade of the team project(s) will be dependent on peer evaluations which is only for the developmental purposes and will be kept strictly confidential. Unannounced Quizzes There will be minimum four unannounced quizzes taken randomly throughout this course. Three best will be considered for grading. These quizzes will be handed out in the beginning of the class meetings and if you are late in class, you will miss that quiz. There are absolutely no make ups for these quizzes. Case Studies There may be cases assigned to groups and these cases will be resolved in team efforts. A short written report will be required along with the presentation of that case. Presenters will play the role of Management Consultants and the class will act as Board of Directors and will interact with the consultants at the end of the presentation to express their concerns and opinions. Term Project or Book Review You will be given case study or in lieu thereof book reviews relevant to the field of OM, Subject to availability of time. When awarded, details will be discussed in the class. Industrial Visit/Seminar An industrial visit and/or a seminar relating to the subject matter would be arranged.

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Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue and Church Architecture

Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue and Church Architecture American architect Bertram G. Goodhue (born April 28, 1869 in Pomfret, Connecticut) was an innovator who combined Gothic and Hispanic designs with modern ideas. He revolutionized church (ecclesiastical) architecture by reawakening Medieval traditions, with a focus on modern detailing within traditional designs. His fanciful Spanish Churrigueresque buildings for the Panama-California Exposition brought new energy to Spanish Colonial Revival architecture in the United States. Later in his career, Goodhue moved beyond Gothic ornamentation to explore classical forms, designing landmark buildings such as the Nebraska State Capitol. Goodhue could not afford to attend college, although he was a known sketch artist throughout the New Haven military academy he attended. Instead of college, at age fifteen he went to work in the New York office of Renwick, Aspinwall and Russell. For six years he studied under James Renwick, Jr., architect of many public buildings and churches, including Smithsonian Institute Castle in Washington, DC and Grace Church and St. Patricks Cathedral in New York City. In 1891, he joined Ralph Adams Cram and Charles Wentworth in a Boston partnership that later became Cram, Goodhue Ferguson. The firm opened a branch in New York City, which by 1913 Goodhue had made his own. Although Goodhues early works were noted for their high Gothic style, he later adopted a Romanesque style. By the end of his career, his work tended toward simple, classical lines. The Los Angeles Central Library, completed after his death, has elements of Art Deco design. Today Goodhue is considered an American modernist. Youve probably seen his work, without knowing it. Goodhue is said to have invented two font styles: Merrymount, designed for the Merrymount Press of Boston; and Cheltenham, designed for the Cheltenham Press in New York City; Cheltenham was adopted by The New York Times for their headline typeface and by the L.L. Bean company for their distinctive logo. Goodhue died in New York City on April 23, 1924. Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue Architectural Drawings and Papers, 1882-1980 are archived at Columbia University in New York. Selected Projects Attributed to Goodhue: Bertram G. Goodhue was a known collaborator in architectural projects. The 1910 Cadet Chapel at West Point in New York is attributed to Cram, Goodhue, and Ferguson, although Goodhue was the lead architect. Projects from his own New York City office took advantage of a growing United States market of public and ecclesiastic architecture from coast to coast. His most notable works include the First Baptist Church (1912) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; the Church of the Intercession (1915) and St. Bartholomews Church (St. Barts, 1918) both in New York City. California works include the 1915 Panama-California Exposition Buildings in San Diego, the 1926 Los Angeles Central Public Library (LAPL), and the 1924Â  Master Plan for the California Institute of Technology. In between New York and California look for the 1922 Nebraska State Capitol building in Lincoln, Nebraska and the 1924 National Academy of Sciences Building in Washington, DC. In the Words of Goodhue: ...the trouble in our houses today is that we want everything to seem rich and extravagant- we want money, and then we want to show it in our surroundings. - from The New York Times, A Renowned Architects Home of His Own by Christopher Gray, January 22, 2006 [accessed April 8, 2014] Learn More: Bertram Goodhue: His Life And Residential Architecture by Romy Wyllie (2007)Buy on AmazonBertram Grosvenor Goodhue by Richard Oliver, MIT Press, 1983Buy on AmazonAlice in Wonderland - A Play With Illustrations by Bertram GoodhueBuy on AmazonA book of architectural and decorative drawings by Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue, 1924Buy on Amazon Source: The Alexander S. Lawson Archive, Ithaca Typothetae at www.lawsonarchive.com/april-23/ [accessed April 26, 2012]

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Hk Special Identity Essays - Politics Of Hong Kong, Free Essays

Hk Special Identity Essays - Politics Of Hong Kong, Free Essays Hk Special Identity Compared with other mainland cities or Taiwan, Hong Kongs politics has created a very special identity for the SAR especially after reunification with China (1997). Hong Kong was occupied as a Britishs colony for 150 years. During Hong Kongs colonial period, Hong Kongs politics are managed by Britishs officer. However, since Hong Kong was return to china in 1997, Hong Kong people are being Chinese national and a series of politics have significant changes. A new idea One country two systems policy has been put forth. In this plan, Hong Kong is different from mainland, the Peoples Republic of China deicide to satisfy Hong Kong and the westerns desire. One of a significant difference is, Hong Kong has possessed a high degree of autonomy and Hong Kong People ruling Hong Kong. Moreover, the basic law is implemented of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKASR).It makes Hong Kong being a unique city while compared with other cities in mainland. Hong Kong people started to develop their local culture and try to maintain their civil and social rights. Hong Kong has its special role regardless of the press freedom or connection with the western. They can express their voice or unsatisfactory through protests or marches. In addition, Hong Kong has a unique department that called ICAC which help keep Hong Kong fair, just stable and prosperous .In this paper, I will compare political differences of Hong Kong, other mainland cities and Taiwan, with the aim of pointing out how politics in Hong Kong has created a very special identity for the SAR and that is why Hong Kong are superior than other cities in Asia. The most significant difference is that one country two systems are merely practiced in the Hong Kong and Macau. Given that China guarantee Hong Kong people to maintain their way of life and its capitalist system for 50 years, the socialist system and policies have not been practiced in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). That means Hong Kong can follow its own culture and systems instead of fully control with China.However, some people stay a pessimistic attitude on this unique plan. Some people who support Hong Kongs democratization think that Chinese government stays a tight stance for drastic political change. Some people even worried that Hong Kong there is a threat of Hong Kongs freedom after 50 years. Chen Tse Mei (2002) states that the result of traditional content analysis suggests that Hong Kongs newspaper gradually switch their attitude to be more conservative and self-censored after handover in 1997. They point out that Hong Kong newspapers were cautious not to present any sensitive or controversial terms, concepts, or pictures that would either distressed or offend the Beijing authority. Meanwhile, one of a studies about the integration between Hong Kong and mainland which written by Fei Yu (2008)said that although Hong Kong has implemented one country two systems so Hong Kong citizens can possess its unique political systems and the speech of freedom and so on, in term of political institutions ,there is still unclear and uncertain. Nevertheless, both of Fei Yu and Chen Tse Mei acknowledge that the press and speech of freedom has not been damaged too much and they believe that the Hong Kong media does not exist biased. Compare with mainland and Taiwan, Hong Kong is regarded as a place where possess higher freedom and citizens can express their opinions or unsatisfactory to the government through various ways such as protests, marches, parade, newspaper, editorial, media. Different classes, groups, industries have their right to ta ke part in and legal demonstration when dissatisfied .For instance ,pressure group always stage demonstrations for various welfare. In 2008, after lots of parades and demonstrations, the minimum wage is prescribed at $28/hours. These freedom are based on the basic law, it lists Hong Kong people have freedom of speech, of the press and of publication, of demonstration, of communication, of religious belief. Also, the right and freedom include joining trade unions, and to strike. (BL Articles 27-38).In contrast, marching on the streets and staging demonstration is not allowed, and easily alleged to the instigation subversion state power crime. Moreover, almost all of the news about

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Choose one of the 19th century historical figures of the American Research Paper

Choose one of the 19th century historical figures of the American Civil War - Research Paper Example Harriet Beecher Stowe stated clearly that she believed that the horrors that were experienced during the American Civil War were defined by a type of justice that was afflicted upon those who had owned slaves the same kind of terrible conditions that slaves had suffered under their master’s ownership. The condition of legalized slavery was intolerable to Stowe who wrote about her point of view on the subject in her book Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The work was used to ignite a passion for the abolitionist movement, a source for relating to the inhumane treatment that was experienced by those who were subjected to the slavery of the South. Stowe came out of obscurity to write a story that could provide a framework for the slavery experience, a tale that expressed to the Caucasian public a point of view that had not been considered by many. Through the power of her beliefs about the wrong of slavery, Stowe participated in motivating the public into action against the terrible cond itions that had allowed one culture to put another into ownership and slavery. Stowe was born on June 11, 1811 and died on July 1 1896 having written her seminal work, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and published it after she turned 40 in the year 1851. She was born Harriet Elizabeth Beecher and was the daughter of a famous minister, Lyman Beecher with her sister being growing to be a famous educator, Catherine Beecher. She married Calvin Stowe in 1836 and bore seven children, one of which died at a very young age from cholera (Claire Parfait, The Publishing History of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, 7-8). Stowe was originally a teacher, writing her first book which was a text book, Primary Geography for Children, in 1833. She became part of a writing group, Semi-Colon, in Cincinnati and used the forum to submit her writings in order to improve her skills. In 1834 her work began to appear in a Cincinnatti weekly paper called Chronicle. She also wrote for the Western Monthly and The Evangelist, a religious magazine out of New York. While she wrote because she loved the experience of writing, she made a small income that supplemented that of her husbands. When in 1837 her husband’s salary was cut due to a financial crisis, she began to work to increase her income through devoting herself to becoming a professional writer (Parfait, The Publishing History, 9).